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Friday, July 9, 2010

Rainy knight in Kingston

This summer I've actually been trying to learn to just enjoy things. Sure, I'm a bit overdue, but you have to start somewhere and I'm starting with things like the garden, sitting in the sunshine, biking, you know - NORMAL things. We're still bouncing around trying to sample the arty stuff, but since we can't get out of town much (with my husband's new Shakespeare-influenced play Trouble on Dibble Street opening in Prescott), we pretty well had to keep ourselves busy here. Would it be enough? At first, I didn't think so.

In June, I had three wonderful experiences at the Thousand Islands Playhouse (Blood Brothers and Another Home Invasion - still on - and a Monday Night Series offering, Chic Gamine . Locally, I was a little lukewarm about some of our other ent choices (including the Buskerfest, which just doesn't do it for me).

So I just buried my head in taking a painting class and doing some work UNTIL I scored a ticket for Elton John's K-Rock Centre concert at the last minute! Now, I was never much of a rocker, but how can Sir EJ's music not be inside you -if you're somewhere between 30 and 60? I had to go alone, and I'll admit my first catty thought was "This is one place where I don't have to be sheepish about my overdue haircut or wardrobe" --since looking good isn't much part of what happens at K-Rock concerts. And when it started I thought "maybe I just don't have this aging rock and roll fan gene."

But Sir Elton really, really "saved my life tonight." The show was a bit late starting because all the drenched spectators took longer to get into the building, but once it started, he didn't let up. His fingers rolled over those keys, the songs kept coming and coming, and in spite of looking a bit like a cuddly granny...that voice still comes from the core.

You couldn't get a stronger reminder about the power of really loving what you do, continuing to go for it in a huge way, and the utter payoff of using your talents generously and playfully. The concert experience wasn't just about nostalgia - he lit the house on fire for more than 2 hours without a break. I admit the oldies of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Daniel and Rocket Man all made me cry, but rockin' out with Crocodile Rock , The Bitch is Back, and Bennie and the Jets was actually....FUN. I had FUN!!! With thousands of people!!! With bad hair and so-so clothes!!! Go figure. I don't know where Sir Elton flies to now on his private jet - but he leaves behind a lot of very happy people. Right here in little old Kingston! And they're not all wearing funny boas.

Summer isn't such a bad thing. Rain or shine.