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Thursday, December 17, 2009

See art, buy art, save art!

Galleries are hurting. That means artists will be hurting. That means we'll all be hurting, because...less will be produced. Less will enliven our lives. Shop or visit galleries now, even if only to clear your mind of the commercial dreck we're all drenched in!

There's a week left before "the day." I keep trying to buy local for the holidays, but I can't do this alone.I can't stress how lovely and affordable the show and sale at Sandra Whitton Gallery is (253 Ontario Street, above Serendipity). Even if you just want to look. I love the fibre work by artists such as Tina Barnes and Denise Sokolosky (hangable or wearable), prints by Rebecca Cowan and Adrienne Herron, paintings by Alex Jack and Su Sheedy and drawings by Laurie Sponagle. This was organized by the Chameleon Nation folks, who also have artists' work at Kingston Glass Studio on Queen Street. Pop into Robert Macklin Gallery while you're down here. Great work...tell your art collector friends.

Afterglow: Lindsey Fair organized some very talented artisans at the Gift Giving Show in the interesting spaces at Fort Henry, and an entirely new range of people at the Holiday Hop at NGB. The Fat Goose Craft fair, presented in association with Apple Crisp, was a bold new venture - and very friendly. Thanks to all of them for doing this. Our town is richer for it.